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In the early summer of 2016, two real estate agents, Derek Andrews and Tom Struckhoff met by working on the same deal together. They hit it off and learned that each of them had special skills in different areas of real estate. Then it dawned them – what if they formed a team that would allow their clients to receive expert service no matter what the situation might be?

The rest is history. They gathered up all of their resources to put together one of the most comprehensive and helpful real estate services in the industry. Terra Firma Realty continues to provide outstanding service to its clients before, during, and after the sale. Derek and Tom always go the extra mile for their clients – ready to provide solutions both real estate, and non-real estate related.

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  • This was an unbelievable experience!

    We were introduced to your team when a polite young man knocked on our door, introduced himself as Michael Reyes, a recent UCLA Grad and new associate to Terra Firma, associated with Keller Williams. Being an UCLA Alum, I thought we will give him the benefit of the doubt and listen to his brief presentation. You see, we had been through this process twice before without the results we were hoping for and honestly were not sure if we were ready to try again. We were pleasantly surprised at his calm demeanor, good sense of humor and respectfulness. He told us about the ‘main guys’ of the group and shared that if we were ‘ok with it’ he would leave his business card for us and if we were interested in selling our home to give his team a call. After much discussion, we gave Michael a call, he was thrilled to hear from us, and his enthusiasm gave us the hope that perhaps, this time was it! Tom Struckhoff came to our house and he had us at ‘Hello!” Intelligent, witty, caring and passionate about his job and fighting for us, we jumped on the opportunity to work with this fabulous team. The rest is history. Within a few days we had several buyers. He helped us identify the right one for us. We had a major hiccup in the process, which had nothing to do with Tom or Terra Firma, but instead of throwing in the towel, Tom patiently walked us through the entire process. He remained level headed, came up with a plan and executed it to completion. Shortly after, our house was sold! This was an unbelievable experience! We could not be more pleased with Tom, Derek, Michael, Brian and the whole Terra Firma Team! May God bless you for putting your clients wishes, peace and happiness above all else; for your availability and your thoroughness in answering our many questions; and for keeping your word that you would get the job done and actually doing just that!
  • Great team, great attitude.

    He is THE real estate expert for Hollywood, WeHo and the Valley. Just handed me keys to my condo with a super view. Great team, great attitude. Very helpful in all details. Helped me through a difficult escrow process that involved some changes and a post inspection period price drop. Very good negotiator. Helped me post-sale get a home warranty. Found me a diamond in the rough and a good deal. Showed me a similar unit with a lot of renovation that gave me insight into future possibilities. And he's funny!

    Lake Jackson
  • Thank you for all your teams help.

    For your detailed real world information. And with the people to contact who might be of help with Sheri. We greatly appreciated your protection & having our best interest in this important matter. And for all your heart felt concern and wisdom. Your willingness to share your personal experiences & deep & wide wisdom of Real Estate & "Life". Haha, I greatly enjoy talking & laughing with you... ...But no words could express to you how thankful Sheri & myself are to you. We wish all The TEAM much success with your mission statement to help people as they need it. We send you all & your loved ones eternal blessings of prosperity, happiness & health.

    Met & spoke with the buyer's brother today. Seems a real nice guy. I think you checked all the boxes of our needs & wants. 100% quality results. The house will be transformed to allow another family to have the joys & sorrows, the gift of home, security & family. And we are now living our new beginning. Again, thank you.

    Sheri & Rob | Mar Vista Area, Los Angeles, CA via iMessage